1. Karl Bartolo* / University of Malta, Malta
  2. Krzysztof Bartoszek / Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden/Some harmonic number identities for phylogenetic tree analysis
  3. Paweł Bednarz / Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland / On various types of proper secondary dominating sets
  4. Allan Bickle* / Purdue University, United States/ Plane Triangulations Without Spanning 2-Trees
  5. Peter Borg* /University of Malta, Malta/ Isolation of graphs
  6. Piotr Borowiecki / University of Zielona Góra, Poland/ The complexity of Greedy Partitioning of Graph: Parameterized and Exact Aspects
  7. Sylwia Cichacz* / AGH University, Poland / On $A$-cordial caterpillars
  8. Maciej Cisiński / AGH University, Poland / Problems of packing
  9. Joanna Cyman /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  10. Magda Dettlaff /University of Gdańsk, Poland
  11. Dariusz Dereniowski / Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  12. Ewa Drgas-Burchardt / University of Zielona Góra, Poland / Interval colouring thickness via the Erdos family of graphs
  13. Tınaz Ekim /Boğaziçi University, Turkey/ Defective Ramsey Numbers: Classical Proofs and Computer Enumerations
  14. TITHI DWARY* / INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY GUWAHATI, ASSAM, INDIA / On Operations Preserving Word-Representability of Graphs
  15. John Stewart Fabila Carrasco / University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom / Magnetic spectral clustering
  16. Anna Flaszczyńska / AGH University of Krakow, Poland / Distinguishing vertices of graphs using sequences
  17. Julián Alberto Fresán Figueroa / Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Cuajimalpa, Mexico / The biplanar tree graph
  18. Hanna Furmańczyk /University of Gdańsk, Poland
  19. Krzysztof Giaro / Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  20. John Gimbell /University of Alaska, United States / Zonal labels generalized to abelian groups
  21. Carlos Gonzalez / Newcastle University, United Kingdom / Fair and Private Data Preprocessing through Microaggregation
  22. Izolda Gorgol /Lublin University of Technology, Poland/ Disjoint copies of graphs in extremal graph theory
  23. Aleksandra Gorzkowska / AGH University of Krakow, Poland / Arc-distinguishing of orientations of graphs
  24. Igor Grzelec* / AGH University of Krakow, Poland / On uniqueness of packing of two and three copies of 2-factors
  25. Stanisław Halkiewicz* / Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland/ What Cops n’ Robbers can tell us about markets’ hegemonization?
  26. Michael A. Henning /University of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa/ Domination in graphs and forbidden cycles
  27. Nadzieja Hodur / AGH University of Krakow, Poland / On 3-colourability of (bull, H)-free graphs
  28. Andrzej Jastrzębski / Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland / TBA
  29. Nahid Yelene Javier Nol / Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa / The acyclic disconnection in tournaments
  30. Rafał Kalinowski /AGH University of Krakow, Poland/TBA
  31. Adil Khan* / IISER Bhopal, India
  32. Sandi Klavžar /University of Ljubljana, Slovenia/ Visibility concepts in graph theory
  33. Adam Kostulak / University of Gdańsk, Poland
  34. Łukasz Kowalik /University of Warsaw, Poland/ Algebraic techniques in parameterized graph algorithms
  35. Julia Kozik / AGH University of Kraków, Poland / Integrity of grids
  36. Barbara Krupińska / Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie, Poland / Group irregularity strength of disconnected graphs
  37. Marek Kubale / Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  38. Łukasz Kuszner / University of Gdańsk, Poland / Discrete Evacuation in Graphs
  39. Dorota Kuziak / Universidad de Cádiz, Spain / On the $k$-metric antidimension of graphs and its application to privacy in social networks
  40. Aleksandra Laskowska** / Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland / Majority Colouring Game
  41. Magdalena Lemańska /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  42. Bernardo Llano / Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico / Maximal transitive subtournaments of a digraph: the Tau-operator
  43. Lucas Mader* / Fort Hays State University, United States / Labeling Corona Graphs to Obtain Fibonacci Cordiality
  44. María Antonia Mateos Camacho* / Universidad de Sevilla, Spain / Study of the Total Triple Roman domination in graphs
  45. Adrian Michalski / Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland
  46. Mateusz Miotk /University of Gdańsk, Poland
  47. Doost Ali Mojdeh* / University of Mazandaran, Iran / Neighbor Locating coloring on the Product of graphs
  48. Mercè Mora / Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain / Bounds on isolation parameters of graphs
  49. Khyodeno Mozhui* / Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India / Stacked Book Graphs are Permutationally 3-Representable
  50. Kieka Mynhardt /University of Victoria, Canada/ Eternal Eviction and Independence
  51. Dániel Nagy*/ HUN-REN Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungary / Which n-vertex e-edge graph has the most H subgraphs?
  52. Anna Nenca / University of Gdańsk, Poland
  53. Iztok Peterin / FEECS, University of Maribor, Slovenia / The star b-chromatic number of a graph
  54. Tytus Pikies / Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  55. Monika Pilśniak / AGH University, Poland
  56. Magdalena Prorok / AGH University of Krakow, Poland/Rainbow Turan problems
  57. Joanna Raczek /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  58. Stanisław Radziszowski /Rochester Institute of Technology, United States/ Recent Progress on Small and Large Ramsey Numbers
  59. Monika Rosicka / University of Gdańsk, Poland / Graphs in Quantum Information
  60. Riana Roux / Stellenbosch University, South Africa / Zero forcing in graphs
  61. Paweł Rzążewski /Warsaw University of Technology, Poland/ H-free graphs: from structure to algorithms
  62. Babak Samadi / Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Edge open packing: complexity and computational aspects
  63. Dayle Scicluna* / University of Malta, Malta / Path isolation in graphs
  64. Elżbieta Sidorowicz / University of Zielona Góra, Poland / Strong Proper Vertex Connection in Digraphs
  65. Maria José Souto Salorio / Universidade da Coruña, Spain
  66. Michał Szyfelbein** / Politechnika Gdańska, Poland / Optimizing Average Search Time in the Binary Search Problem in Graphs
  67. Jing Tian / Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, PR China / Variety of general position problems in graphs
  68. Jerzy Topp / University of Applied Sciences in Elbląg, Poland
  69. Omar Tout / Sultan Qaboos University, Oman / On the domination number of the cartesian product of the path graph and any pair of graphs
  70. Elżbieta Turowska* / University of Zielona Góra, Poland / The almost majority neighbor sum distinguishing edge coloringe neighbour sum distinguishing almost majority edge coloring
  71. Krzysztof Turowski / Jagiellonian University, Poland / Backbone coloring: current progress and open problems
  72. Jan Wojtkiewicz /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  73. Izajasz Wrosz** / Politechnika Gdańska, Poland/ Interactive Search in Graphs
  74. Juan Carlos Valenzuela-Tripodoro/ Univesidad de Cadiz, Spain / Roman domination on fguzzy graphs
  75. Ismael G. Yero* / Universidad de Cádiz, Spain / The mobile mutual-visibility problem in graphs
  76. Renata Zakrzewska** / Politechnika Gdańska, Poland
  77. Radosław Ziemann /University of Gdańsk, Poland / On-line Ramsey numbers for various classes of graphs
  78. Rita Zuazua / Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico/ About universal $\gamma_2$-fixers trees
  79. Andrzej Żak / AGH University, Poland / Small step towards Erdos-Sos conjecture on embedding trees
  80. Paweł Żyliński / University of Gdańsk, Poland

* participant online

** poster