• Tınaz Ekim /Boğaziçi University, Turkey/
    → Defective Ramsey Numbers: Classical Proofs and Computer Enumerations
  • Izolda Gorgol /Lublin University of Technology, Poland/
    → Disjoint copies of graphs in extremal graph theory
  • Michael A. Henning /University of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa/
    → Domination in graphs and forbidden cycles
  • Kieka Mynhardt /University of Victoria, Canada/
    → Eternal Eviction and Independence
  • Stanisław Radziszowski /Rochester Institute of Technology, United States/
    → Recent Progress on Small and Large Ramsey Numbers


  • Sandi Klavžar /University of Ljubljana, Slovenia/
    → Visibility concepts in graph theory
  • Łukasz Kowalik /University of Warsaw, Poland/
    → Algebraic techniques in parameterized graph algorithms
  • Paweł Rzążewski /Warsaw University of Technology, Poland/
    → H-free graphs: from structure to algorithms